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Residential dumpster rental services in philadelphia

Renting a dumpster is rather easy, which does not require any prior knowledge or expertise. Our company makes finding residential dumpster rental near me a very easy and simple task for any homeowner. Our friendly staff walks you through the entire process and provides expert suggestions so that you can make an informed decision and rent the most suitable garbage bin for your home or neighborhood cleanup project. 


If you are doing a do it yourself project or getting the services of a contractor, you do not have to worry about waste removal. Our one-stop solution offer has got your covered. We can get you the right sized bin, at the right price that is within your budget for all your home improvements or residential waste removal. 

Residential Dumpsters

residential dumpster cost

The cost of renting a residential dumpster is based on many factors. Factors that affect the cost include the location, the size of the dumpster, weight of debris, length of time you need it for, and the kind of debris you need the dumpster for and many more.

Dumpsters for residential projects

You can rent a dumpster for various residential projects. Some of the most common projects that require residential dumpsters are listed below. 

Garage and Home Cleanups

Having an empty and sturdy dumpster waiting for you in the driveway while you clean your garage or home is truly a blessing. It makes the whole process easy and clean. For such projects, we recommend renting a dumpster, ranging in size from 5 yards to 20 yards. These sized dumpsters are perfect for when you take over those decluttering projects on the weekend. They are also an excellent choice for foreclosure and estate clean-outs. 

We offer quick home delivery, so you get started with your project as soon as possible. Dumpster Rental Philadelphia also offers a flat daily rate if you want to use your residential dumpster more than your rental period, so even if your work is not finished on a preset deadline, you can still continue working. Our staff will also assist in your bin placement by suggesting the best place where you can put the dumpster for convenient usage. 

Home Improvement projects

Whether you are remodeling your bathroom or kitchen or you have taken up a roofing project, or perhaps you are giving your yard a makeover, having a trash dumpster on site, only makes the work easier. 

For a multi room remodel, we suggest a 20 yard dumpster, or if you are only taking down a wall, a 10-yard dumpster would be adequate. Get in touch with our staff to find out what size of the dumpster would be useful for you.

In most areas, we accept various materials. We often take broken lumber, concrete, bricks, drywall, and blocks. Our team can also guide you on what dumpster to rent for different materials. Our team can also help you find a place for putting your dumpster. 


When you think of relocating, the thought of having to move all your stuff is truly frightening. One of the best ways to relocate efficiently is by getting old/broken and useless things you don’t need anymore. But when you do that, your driveway will be filled before you know. Renting a residential dumpster is an excellent solution to avoid being overwhelmed.  

Call us, and we can work with you to find the best dumpster for you according to your needs. Our rates are also affordable and budget-friendly. So you do not have to worry about spending a fortune to keep your driveway clear. 

We suggest a 10 yard dumpster for residential junk when you are relocating. It is super easy to use over bins. You can just toss all your junk in them from the side. Our rental terms allow you adequate time to sift through all your belongings without having to look at the clock over again. We have made dumpster rental and extremely easy process so you can feel at ease while getting yourself one. 

Storm or Disaster Cleanup 

Whether you were anticipating bad weather or it came out of the blue, it is a stressful situation. While the storm does not last long and eventually moves away, it leaves you with a lot of trash to deal with on your own.  But you do not need to worry because we are here to make it less worrisome. Our swift and easy rental process allows you to order a garbage bin from the convenience of your home. We can also have the trash dumpster delivered in no time. 

We recommend getting a 20 yard dumpster for post-storm cleanup. This sized bin is most suited for fallen branches, brushes, and all kinds of yard waste after a storm has passed. 

Not only is the process of renting a dumpster and having it delivered fast and easy, but we provide the same swift services for when it is time to pick the dumpster up from your location. 


The people of Philadelphia love our Dumpster Rental Services. Check out what they have to say. 

We originally wanted to get a bag rental but decided to get a small 10-yard dumpster from Dumpster Rentals in Philadelphia. I am extremely glad i did. We ended up dumping much more than we thought. My garage is now clean! Highly recommended company they were quick.

Gary S

The team at Dumpster Rentals in Philadelphia came through the same day i called them. We were in the middle of a rehab and needed a 40-yard dumpster rental ASAP. The guy showed up within the hour we were allowed 1 week with the dumpster but they let us have it for longer FREE of charge. I would use them again.

Rachel H
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